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Urban Coiffeur Express Hairdressing Menu

Visit Urban Coiffeur Hair Salon in Wolverhampton and enjoy the convenience of our Express Menu, where you can get a stunning hairstyle without spending your whole day at the salon. 

We prioritise your time while maintaining a high quality and professional service. Say hello to our Express Menu, meticulously crafted to deliver a fresh and fabulous look in just 2 hours. Explore our range of services below, all of which include a professional blowdry.

To book your consultation please call us on 01902 865724 or book online.

Hair colour consultations at Urban Coiffeur hair salon in Wolverhampton, start from £15 and are refunded against your final bill on checkout.

Face Frame (aka money piece)| £80.00

This popular colouring technique involves strategically placing a brighter shade than your natural hue to frame your face.

Get the Urban Coiffeur magic in just 2 hours for £80.00.

Face Frame near me

 Balayage Top Up| £80.00

Add a few foils to bring back brightness and dimension to your hair, ensuring a fresher look that lasts longer.

Enjoy this service in just 2 hours for £80.00. 

Balayage Top Up Wolverhampton

 Colour Melt| £61.00

 Achieve seamless blending of shades by melting your root colour into your highlights or balayage.

Experience the magic of our Colour Melt service in just one hour for £61.00.

colour melt hair near me