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The team at Urban Coiffeur are hair colour experts. With over 15 years’ experience of working with the BEST colour brands, mentors, educators and products we have devised our very own signature colour menu. We use a combination of various specialist techniques including foilage, airtouch, and babylights to create our own personalised menu.

In some cases, you can expect colouring services to take up to 6 hours. This is because they are completely bespoke and personalised to you and can not be rushed.

Please note this is only a guide and prices can vary, your personalised cost can be determined by an in-depth consultation. To book your consultation please call us on 01902 865724 or book online.

Hair colour consultations at Urban Coiffeur hair salon in Wolverhampton, start from £15 and are refunded against your final bill on checkout.

Lived In

Using a mix of up to 8 different shades and tones we create a "lived in" look which is perfect for anyone looking for low maintenance hair colour. This technique gives a blended, natural looking colour for up to 4 months at a time.

Stylist £175/£190
Senior £190/210
Style Director £195/220
Director £210/225
Hair Colour

Dimensions Depth & Drama

Using a mix of shadow slices foilage, backcomb balayage, babylights and air touch this personalised technique creates just a bit more drama than the lived in and gives you a ‘pop’ of colour where you need drama. This technique offers lower maintenance than traditional highlighting and can last for up to 3 months before needing to be refreshed.

Stylist £176/£186
Senior £194/210
Style Director £210/230
Director £230/250
Hair Colour

Blonde Colour Specialist Menu

Our team of blonde hair colour specialists have over 15 years’ experience and expert knowledge of creating the perfect stunning golden blonde hues, platinum white hair colours, as well as buttery blondes, cool ash blondes plus much, much more.

Bleach Root (4-6 weeks) £162
Bleach Root (6 week plus) £185/£210
Hair Colour

Global & Gloss

This technique is great for when you don’t want to see ANY natural colour, perfect for dramatic platinum blonde shades. Global Gloss can be followed by bleach root applications every 4-6 weeks or can be left and repeated every 3/4 months.

Director £250
Senior Director £260
Hair Colour

High Voltage

A dramatic lightening service created using babylights and airtouch which creates maximum lift with a softer root area.

Maintenance is around every 12 weeks.

Director £250
Senior Director £260
Hair Colour

Colour Correction

Colour correction services can often be lengthy and often require your Colour technician to be booked for the full day to ensure your hair gets the one-on-one attention it needs.

Colour Correction day rates are:

Senior £310
Director £385
Senior Director £450



Cancellations & Deposits

When you book your appointment, we will take a booking fee of £30.00. Please note if your hair service is 4 hours or more a £100 booking fee will be taken.

The booking fee will secure your appointment and will, of course, be deducted when you come to pay for your service or treatment. Your booking fee will be lost should you choose to cancel/not show up for your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Your booking fee is non-refundable, should you choose to cancel/change your appointment within the 48 hours notice period your booking fee will still be retained by the salon and held on your account for your next appointment.

To book in call us on 01902 865724 or book online.

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