Hair Colour Correction

Hair Colour Transformations At Urban Coiffeur Hair Salon In Wolverhampton, West Midlands

If you are looking to drastically change your hair colour, or you’ve experienced a hair colour disaster with a home balayage or DIY hair dye, it’s important you come into the salon for a consultation.  Our stylists have the skills, knowledge and expertise to correct hair colour problems and change your hair colour to your desired shade.  

The health of your hair is very important to us and during an in-depth consultation your Urban Coiffeur colour technician will assess your hair’s condition and recommend a course of action for you to consider before we carry out any major services.  It’s important to be realistic about what can be achieved. Fixing your hair colour dilemma may require a few trips to the salon.  

Please note:  All clients who have not had a colour with us in the past 6 months must come in for a skin test at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. This is a legal necessity and is designed to ensure that you do not develop an allergic reaction to the product.

A £30 deposit is required prior to all hair colour correction appointments. This deposit is deducted from your final bill or refundable if pre booked hair colour appointment is cancelled 48 hours prior to a service.

change your hair colour at Urban Coiffeur hair salon




My Hair Colour Is Uneven and Patchy

At Urban Coiffeur, we specialise in colour and pride ourselves on being hair colour correction specialists in Wolverhampton. We get that it’s nerve wracking to go through change, especially if you’ve already been through a hair disaster – but fear not!

Our team have to go through regular extensive colour training to ensure we are up to date with all the latest trends and techniques. 

How To Fix Hair Colour Problems

We understand the temptation to colour your hair at home, but trust us when we say it is not worth the risk! At our hair salons, we fix home hair colour disasters all the time. There are many reasons for hair colour correction, but our stylists at Urban Coiffeur hair salon in Wolverhampton have seen them all before, we are here to help and correct any hair colour problems you may have, and will advise you on the next stage to correcting your hair colour back to its former glory.

Home Balayage Kit Gone Wrong?

If your home hair dye has gone terribly wrong and turned into a hair colour disaster don’t try and colour over it again as this will make your hair colour problem worse.  At-home balayage can sometimes result in a harsh band of colour and unwanted brassy tones in the hair. Balayage should result in graduated, dimensional, natural-looking hair colour.

Find out more about balayage & ombre hair colour services at Urban Coiffur here.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Brassy Tones In The Hair

If your tint has been over applied and you have dark bands of hair colour or your highlights have turned out orange, brassy or yellow, don’t panic, we can easily fix this for you. Hair colouring is a technical skill, which means it is always best to get your hair coloured professionally. We will assess each section of your hair and treat each area to ensure you end up with a perfect, even hair colour.

Repair Dry, Damaged Hair With Olaplex

If your hair has been over-processed by the sun or with bleach and become too dry or too brittle, visit the experts at Urban Coiffeur hairdressers in Wolverhampton. OLAPLEX™ can be used as a stand-alone treatment or with your usual hair colouring service to give strength, shine and vibrant colour to even the most over-processed hair. Read more about Olaplex treatments at our Wolverhampton salon, here.

Book A Hair Colour Correction Consultation At Urban Coiffeur Hair Salon In Wolverhampton

We are here to help if you have experienced a hair colour disaster at home or elsewhere.  You can book in for a colour change consultation by calling us on 01902 865724 or book online.