Hair Care Tips

Colour Correction 

Thanks for choosing Urban Coiffeur for your colour journey. By now you will have had a consultation with your chosen stylist, have been strand and skin tested and hopefully have a good idea of what you can expect from us.

We believe in honest hairdressing and like to make sure everyone has a realistic expectation of whats possible.

The Journey

ok, so alot of the time with big transformations, you may need to go through a series of appointments and different shades to reach your desired look, your stylist will be able to inform you of an estimated amount of appointments. Please note ESTIMATE and we cannot guarantee what your hair will lift to and achieve in this time. Please trust we will always be honest and if we feel that we cannot get you to that next level or your hair will not withstand it we will stop the journey until condition is ready.

Recommendations and maintenance

To maintain or improve condition whilst on your colour journey we will always recommend olaplex salon treatments and homecare. Healthy hair will always be our main concern. Also through this journey toners may need regular top ups as your hair will be porous and subject to fading. 

Keratin Blow Dry

You know that here at Urban Coiffeur we like to make sure you guys have all the right information before we begin! So you've decided to embark on a smooth hair adventure (yahhhhh you wont regret it) but lets give you all the facts:

So how does a keratin blow dry work?

In short it uses heat to rearrange the hairs keratin chains and leave them smooth without chemically breaking sulphide bridges. Meaning smooth hair without the damage of a relaxer. (Pretty cool right?)

Is It permanent?

No, effects will last around 3 months depending on hair type and how well you've cared for it! Meaning stay sulphate free girlfriends...

Will it make my hair straight?

The keratin blow dry is not a relaxer! Its a smoothing treatment meaning it will not straighten out your curls but make them smooth and glossy. The more you have the treatment the more improvement you see in results.

How does it get such great results without being a relaxer?

Keratin is the primary protein of our hair and skin, in the application process we are coating the hair in natural proteins which then penetrates the cuticles and coats the hair to protect it from damage. The results are smooth shiny hair... you are welcome! Following your treatment, your hair should be noticeably smoother and shinier and should be more effortless to style. It should also be way more protected from the elements such as damp and humidity (always a bonus hellloooo Monica from friends) It can be treated as you normally would, we recommend using a keratin shampoo and conditioner (your stylist can recommend.) 


Bleach Sheet

You have been given this information sheet as you are about to embark on your bleaching journey! We feel its only fair to give you all the information and be upfront about the maintenance involved in this process. Please read it through properly.

A reason people are drawn to our salon is usually our colour transformations they have seen online, however this comes at a cost.

Hair Integrity

Our stylists have been trained to always consider the condition of the hair first and they will never cut corners. They will never push your hair more than they think they should just to achieve lighter.

About Bleach

Bleach is the most damaging product we can legally put on your hair, although in the right hands the results are incredible, we think its important to be upfront and let you know the risks.

Extreme Lightening & Colour Correction Work

When hair is lifted it will go through stages from red, orange, yellow, pale yellow and eventually white (not all hair types can achieve this level) The stage after white would be disintegration. Essentially this is pretty much like skydiving... you are taking calculated risks with a professional.

Your stylist will explain to you how many sessions should be needed for you to achieve your desired outcome.

They will also discuss the following with you during your consultation:

  • shampooing and conditioning
  • aftercare
  • protection from deterioration
  • Fade of toners
  • Fade of fashion colours
  • Skin testing

General Tips For Bleached Hair

  • reduce heat as much as possible
  • reduce washing if possible (your hair needs the natural moisture now)
  • regular Olaplex treatments
  • roots every 4-6 weeks ( this genuinely is not about us getting you in more often! 6 weeks is about the max we can go with a scalp bleach without getting warm yellow tones and causing "bands" ask your stylist to explain in more detail