Prom Season Hair & Beauty Inspiration


Get Set for Prom Season at Urban Coiffeur Hair & Beauty Salon in Wolverhampton

It’s coming up to prom season – and I want to keep you guys up to date on what’s trending! We can recreate any of the looks mentioned below at Urban Coiffeur. So, if you’re looking for the best prom hair and make up salon in Wolverhampton, you’ve came to the right place!

Prom Make-Up Inspiration 

You lot might have noticed that glitter is what seems to be trending with makeup I love a glitter eye and if you’re not brave enough for this, try a glitter lip, I absolutely this picture of @iluvsarahii she is one of my favourite makeup artists her glitter lips are amazing and I think a rose gold colour looks especially good, it doesn’t look too much and the colour is really in at the moment. I would defiantly go for a smoky eye and nude glitter lips I think would look beautiful.

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Prom Dress Inspiration

Kylie Jenner looked stunning at the 2016 met gala, of course her dress was Balmain which she seems to wear quite a lot but I found a dupe on ASOS which is just as gorgeous for a much cheaper price. A lot of celebs have been wearing quite similar style of dresses and I think it will look beautiful at prom its glam but elegant at the same time.

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Prom Hairstyle Inspiration

Prom hair used to be very set very neat but this year it’s all very natural. Braids are very in for this year depending on what style your dress is, would depend on having it up or down. Braided up do’s would look amazing with a backless dress but if you want to go for a hair down look, looser more wavy curls are very popular at the moment giving it gorgeous texture and a lot more body.