Welcome to Aysha’s Blog!

We will be starting a series of blog posts written by Urban Coiffeur Stylist, Aysha – keeping you updated with all things hair, beauty and fashion. 

How Aysha’s Career Began…

ayshaWhen I was younger I never imagined, I would be going down the hairdressing route. When you’re in school your expected to stay on at sixth form or in education till your 18 years old. Well that was the plan when I moved into my last year, I wanted to stay in school study law and go to uni. Everyone looks down on apprenticeships they don’t see it as education they think you start work and that’s that. I never thought I would be doing an apprenticeship and I can honestly say it was the best choice I ever made.

The idea of doing law wasn’t because I was interested in it, it was simply because the money was good and I wanted to live a good lifestyle. Doing an apprenticeship means having your own independence its working and earning at the same time, its learning new life skills that you would never learn while being in school, it’s a whole new experience and its great!

I decided I wanted to do hairdressing when I sat down and thought is law really for me I knew I wasn’t an academic person and I wouldn’t really want to stay in school or college and study. So from then I knew staying in school wasn’t for me, I did work experience in a hairdressers and really enjoyed it, hair and beauty was defiantly me. So I looked for an apprenticeship in hairdressing I had nothing to lose I could always go back to school if it wasn’t for me.

Urban Coiffeur – The Best Hair & Beauty Salon in Wolverhampton

As soon as I walked into Urban Coiffeur I knew that’s the place I wanted to stay. All the girls were really welcoming and I got on with them straight away. You think it’s easy working in a hairdresser but I was mistaken. I didn’t start working at urban coiffeur until September and left school in May so for 5 months I hadn’t been doing much I had a few jobs on the side but nothing serious, that meant waking up late in the mornings and late nights just a typical teenage routine. So having to wake up early and work till late was hard. I defiantly didn’t expect work life to be so hard standing on your feet all day was a killer. I soon got used to it and I didn’t mind anyway when you do something you love it makes the job a lot easier, especially because I got along with the other girls there.


At the start it wasn’t all fun and games I was basically a cleaner making sure the salon was clean and safe for the clients and staff, I assisted the stylists, washed hair, and put toners on. But at the end of the day you always have to start from the bottom I’m a year and a half into my course and thanks to all the girls and Sarah my assessor I am now a qualified stylist and ready to start my barbering.

I wanted to start a blog to keep you guys up to date in the latest hair, fashion and make up. Im very passionate about these three things and although I do hair already it’s always good to keep in touch with the latest styles. Nowadays looks are very important and always has been for me.  I am always looking up what’s trending so I can always be up to date in what’s going on. It’s something I love and is something I have deep knowledge on so I hope my blog will help keep you guys updated.